Stéphane HIRT - Évolution


Reboot Conseil Logo Reboot Conseil | Development of an internal knowledge management tool, codename Gandalf. | 2023.

- Backend: React + API construction to communicate from the MySQL Server database with the frontend.

- Frontend: VueJS 3 - Frontend construction + communication with the backend via APIs.


CkelProcess Logo CKELPROCESS | Versatile multi-solution maintenance technician, helpline and trainer (IT / POS / TELEPHONY) | 2021-2022.

Commissioning / training / maintenance of cash register equipment.

-> Troubleshooting as part of the helpline or on-site for various network or software failures for clients.
-> Assistance and configuration, diagnostics of customer telephony solutions.
-> FullStack Web Developer

| BTS IG APPRENTICE | 2018 - 2021.

SAUSHEIM - IT maintenance technician, development of small enterprise solutions.

Website creation, sales.

e-form'info logo | OWNER AND TECHNICIAN | 2014-2017.

KIRCHBERG - Versatile and dynamic maintenance technician, active in direct B2B and B2C sales, website developer and small software solutions.

Website creation, training for individuals, businesses and communities, consulting.

Krypt-ID logo    | C / C++ DEVELOPER | 2010 - 2014.

REMOTE WORK - Needs analysis and development of the eKrypt product authentication solution as part of a team and solution testing.

C / C++ Client / Server Developer, communication protocol and security.


Maintenance technician, trainer and helpline service, POS.

Dinamization and customer loyalty of the Cybercafé pole.

Server maintenance on behalf of several customers including the " Espace Grün " of Cernay.

Software development (backup automation / automated accounting export / CSV file rewriting, etc.).


NIEDERBRUCK - Electromechanical Maintenance Technician | June - November 2017.

Maintenance of the machines necessary for production.

Preventive maintenance and programming of siemens S5/S7 PLC.

Production of specific bar on HAAS center with numerical control for wind hygiene.

STRASBOURG - Itinerant Heat Meter Installer and Programmer | February - April 2012.

Installation of caloric counters applied to heating.

Meter programming for itinerant remote reading.

BURNHAUPT LE HAUT | Education Assistant | 2010 - 2011.

Supervision of students during their breaks.

Homework help.

Absence management.

Accounting support.

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